Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Blogspot!

So he guys, sorrie for not updating for like ages, though i wonder there are still anyone reading here. And yes, i have moved to a new blogspot -- kayleewenwen.blogspot.com.au .So if you wanna read more, just click in to the new house :)

I now officially say goodbye to a place where i write all my teenage memories. Bye secretllena!

Sneak peek!

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for everything :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013


scroll 回了insta 的照片,看见了我们第一次见面的照片,那个日子,虽然不算是我们认识的那天,但是,我还蛮庆幸,我有把它记录下来。

Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's just another boring Sunday. Being independent.

Its another Sunday, been listening to the same youtube music video for the past days, if you wonder, its 'TOMORROWLAND2012 after movie'  if you ever bother to read my previous posts you'd probably know how much i love their music. I love their remix , definitely a combination of few of my favourites *ehehehe. 

Okay, tomorrowland is definitely in one of my to-do-list.
Then i realised i have been repeating it over and over again for too many times so i think i should make a switch. SO, this will do.

From house to pop songs. i love this song, it is just so addictive.........OKAY, basically this post is just a random one and i just want to tell you i love this song. *heahah,dontyourealiseitsalyricvideo? i purposely find a lyric bideo so that you can sing along! *LOL. 
So, boring sunday, second day of June. Three weeks away from finals, 20 days from finals. damn assignments due, how can i study when there're still loads of assignment piling up?! -.- . phweeewh, hwaiting hwaiting!
Dear June, please treat me well and best of luck in exams. May those whom i love and love me have a great month.
OWH, btw, i started consuming BOH greentea, no idea if it will be as good as other brand but thats the only packet i can find in the supermarket. 50 packets, owhhh, long way to go.
So gonna be nerd for the coming weeks.... still Goodluck everyone! ;)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Random Friday

Uhh.....its Friday again. Its one month away from my finals, and i am still not ready yet for it. I know, you won't go far if you didn't put in as much effort as you want to succeed.
I am recently madly in love with 'We got married' .  Love the international version, but i love Khuntoria too! they look cute tgt, especially Nickhun who is beyond perfect *fanmode* LOL
Anyways, hows ya day? i am reheating lunch my mom prepared afterwards. gonna hwait for my finals ! AZA hwaiting!
p/s: listening to korea drama ost ryte now, and i always go emo whenever i listen to it, *dammit.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grow old with you.*not?

*no doubt westlife is still have the best records*
First thing first, i just wanna say that i am gonna redecorate this page soon, and also, change the name of this blogspot. Well, if you ever wonder how i came across with 'secretllena' this name, its simply out of random. i just wanna rhyme it with one of the nicknames i had. But sooner or later, i am just gonna change it to the name that somehow i think its more related to me. STAY TUNED!

SOOOO, 'Grow old with you'.. i got this idea when i was listening to one of Westlife's song --'I wanna grow old with you'. Recently,random people around me have been asking me this-- ' why dont you have a bf yet? ' I have to say it annoys me allot. yeah, ALLOT! i mean, you asked me something i cant really answer and what's the point of asking? It's not like because of your word i am gonna bump into one the next day. It seldom happens and definitely there's a difference between fairytales and reality. Sometimes i thought i finally found one, however, things just didn't get to turn out as i thought. Don't you think sometimes it seemed like a joke?Things sometimes just don't happen as what you expect.
To be able to find someone you love, and love you back is just simply sweet and blessed. Growing old with someone that you were meant to be is truly a blessing.
I believed some of you have been through the stages where you stay up late just to talk to him/her, get all dressed up for him/her, making him/her lunchbox/desserts, or even do something you will never do just because he/she's the reason for you to do so. Those were the little things and bits that you will never forget.

Well, sometimes things might be kindof hard like--- long distance relationship. I have some examples around me, which i truly have to give them a *thumbsup*. Seriously, that kind of suffer; the moment when they are not beside you when you needed them most, the moment when they are not there when you want to share the joy with them, the moment when you find no shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold on when you are down. Honestly, i have never been through this, but i wonder will i be able to go through all these painful stage. However, i believe that if he is your true love, the one you cherish the most, no matter where or how far the distance is, things will eventually work out. That's simply the amazing ending where all the LDR couple hope for. *havefaith*

Ya know, there was once me and one of my bff was chit-chattin, and she sighed and looked at me,' well probably he is still using gps and on his way' LOLL *cutelol* No worries lah, i always believe that God have his own plan , if it was yours, it will be yours. You can't look into the future, but all you can do is to appreciate what you have. Cause whether you love or not, nothing last forever.There will be sparks when you are with the right person at the right timing and in the right place.

So to my dear Mr.right, may you have your GPS set to the right route and i hope you won't get lost. *ahaha*

p/s: i have been watching the walking dead for the past days and so sad! MERLE turned into the walking dead, he was one of the toughest character out of all, feel sad for DARYL especially seeing him crying :'( *random enough?* Anyways, have a good day ahead everyone! thanks for reading and the next blogpost will be up in a few days and topic is yet to be reveal ❤ buhbye for now!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What are you thinking?

Well well well, hello long lost friend, it has been for nearly half a year since i last update. I was just simply being lazy *yeahryte -.-*
So i know i have lots of post to catch up, but ryte naw , with half my soul asleep, i just wanna keep things update a little.
New sem just started recently,  I should have well use my hols but in the end, i did nothing.I have been facing allot of problems on future career topics recently. I doubt i can even answer it when someone ask me naw. Yes, i was once very clear on my pathway but now i am just lost and miserable. I didnt know what i want, or imagine how would i be like in few years time. *thissoundsfailryte?trustmeiknow*
Being a second year student and yet to be graduate in two years time, i know its time for me to set myself a future. I love freedom, i love to travel. I always thought that human beings should see how beautiful the world is before leaving to another dimension. We know we can never predict or foresee what was about to come.

You know what?
A worked hard for his whole life, saved a whole lots of money, had himself a goal of retiring at the age of 50, then he planned to travel after his retirement. This was what he planned, however in real life, he might be diagnosed with cancer, or even involved in an accident and might just leave like that. All his plans were gone. GONE
But then, B thought that he should stick to the YOLO rules, he didnt tie himself with a mortgage loan or even car loan, he traveled all around the world, spent all his penny on travelling and end up looking at his mates owning cars and houses, earning big bucks, travel around the world staying at the finest hotel, which he couldnt afford.

Well,  you cant say B is stupid because he didnt invest his money properly to generate more money. He spent it all on travelling and probably thought that it was worth it.
For A, the route was perfect, if only if he remains healthy and safe till his last breath, or else, he would end up being nothing, having loads of money but seen nothing. B seems wiser here but not when he sees someone travelling, but also generating money at the same time from his shoplots and business.
This is what people are facing right now, to stick to the old traditional way or to be brave enough to live in your own way?
Mine? is yet to be discovered.

KAY, i am sleepy enough.....ciao and nite everyone.
p/s: goodluck my dearies! <3 p="" yolo="">

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Finals are around the corner.... i look terrible ryte now, Dark circles, chubby face, lifeless, and messy hair. well, everything of you can imagine when someone have to study like mad for exams.

I promised my friend i will start blogging again after next week. Well, i sure have to come out with something before things get worse. LOL ......ahh, its time for me to ciao , my books are calling.
p/s: buhbye for now, goodluck everyone ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I feel empty

I just like this song for tonight. Today has been a long day for me. Went to an event organised by my club, being an oc for the second event. My life has never been more busier than now. But maybe its too packed, i am feeling bit down now. I chose my favourite place to tell, no i won't mention where but you sure can find it yourself.
So, today, the event was rather a great one for me, right before i went on to my study break. I am surely gonna miss the great moments. FYI, the event is actually a get-along gathering for the club members and new comers to know more on each other. Ever since i entered uni, i tell myself i have to be more extrovert, and i am gonna make myself to learn more, make my greatest memory here in uni. I had my first step, and i am glad.

A part of me died and a part of me moved on today, that's how i feel now. Maybe i tend to be more emo during midnight compared to other time. No one knows why but me. Secrets buried down deep though still moist but remains there. Ahhh.....i am crapping again, i can't tell much cause this is not my diary though i treat it like one. Every once in a while i still publish this blog on FB though sometimes i don't feel like,* i tend to privatized here* hehe
All i wanna say is, i will miss this, i mean, this. Sometimes truth is hard to accept but you have to move on. And thanks for everything, even though it might only be me

Shhh, everything told here remains here, this is between me and you

Not forget to mention, i crap all the times here, Why so serious?! heeh, btw...i might be doing a post on the event when i got the photos! hehe, provided if i am free!

p/s: goodnite and goodluck everyone! ;)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The upbeats ....(Music)

Yeah, so i am gonna talk about the upbeats today.

I can say that i really enjoy listening to the upbeats, this is what i am listening now, first time listening and i found it is quite similar to something i heard weeks ago 

The Tomorrowland after movie bideo..This concert is supeeeeerrrrrrr fun! i wish that i have the opportunity in the next few years to participate in, the songs are so upbeat , totally love it
I usually get myself  listen to these upbeat song when i study to keep myself awake ( you know the lazy worm strikes and makes you sleepy whenever you want to study and concentrate, i am the victim lol)
ANNNDD.....my favourite bigbang GD's recent album also have numbers of upbeat song in his album such as Crayon and One of a kind, totally addicted to them and so fun to listen


GD's talent is undeniable and thats what makes him one of the best in Korea.
I still prefer orchestra, classical music but then loving upbeats at the same time. Its kind of mix and match. Music is unlimited, its different and both worth listening.
btw, sometimes i envy those people in orchestra team and even hoped that i know how to play violin/cello/harp just to be part of them..*sigh*

Arhh....its raining again here in kl, its been days but i just love the weather. Its so comfy and cooling. Exams are near, assignments are packed and tasks are waiting...still have allot to worry. Life has never been so hectic 
Btw, Bigbang's concert is just around the corner but then i didnt get to go to the concert. Yeahhh i know i know....i claimed myself as a big fan but then you know, the tickets are fast selling and with the restrictions i am not able to go. kind of disappointing ;(((
I realised that its been a long time since i update my photos here..i always update them in instagram, do follow me @cheesiepuff or you can see part of them in twitter too! hheee, webstagram will be created soon. 
me and my friend bec, pic taken in uni

and a little preview on a post i am gonna do..
I love my fren's camera G12 --as the colour intensity is great and it made everyone looks stunning LOLOL

So yeah, its still raining i am gonna continue to be a nerd now...
stay tune for more!
p/s: goodluck everyone! =)


Monday, October 15, 2012

The awkward moment when.............

So one day,when i was in my room, trying hard to concentrate in completing my law online quiz, i was then interrupted by a voice..My housemate right next door is singing. i was immediately like '= = expression ' ..and at first i thought it would stop after a minute or two, but it turns out that she sang for like an hour ++. Its clearly that she's trying hard on her voice, singing with skills on 'it will rain' and 'someone like you'....if it was other day, i would have enjoyed, but, not today......it was rather, annoying to me, cause you know when you are trying hard to remain silent and calm for study but then suddenly interrupt by someone, no matter how great the voice is. It, is, still....  unfavourable.

Then i somehow came out with this stupid idea of pretending to be on phone, trying to pretend myself talking on phone about this girl singing right next to my door...LOLLL ( i know that is stupid) ...guess what? it didn't work, guess she was wearing earphone or something ( i know i should've knock her door, request for silence, but then...allow me to call myself a coward...lol....err, no! i just dont wanna make her feel embarrassed requesting ftf) *lame* , anyway... at last i tuned my earphone volume to max to cover over her voice...its the only way out

So in the end, this whole thing ended when she went out for lunch..... and finally i got my silence back.what a moment

'The awkward moment when you are trying to concentrate but then your housemate next door starts to sing out loud.'

p/s:  random post, stay tuned for more =) ! goodluck everyone <3 nbsp="nbsp">